What is the impetus for this weblog?

31 Aug

I’ve always looked upon the blogosphere with disdain and did not think I would join the steady stream of consciousness being projected onto the web. However, I have recently been feeling listless and after a particularly unproductive day of procrastination at work, I got the guilty feeling that I was wasting my time. I have a number of ideas and goals but seem to be bouncing around aimlessly. Self-discipline in particular is something I struggle with. Part of the reason for this blog is to hold me to account.

I also feel as if I am consuming a great deal – I’ve been trying to read more, to watch interesting films and to listen to fantastic music. However I struggle to retain all this and so I’ve set up an area for reviews where I can create a record of what I consume and my particular thoughts on it at the time.

So this is my self-indulgent to-do list diary. I won’t look to actively promote it. In fact I’m not sure what people could take from this. I’m sure there enough spoilt adolescents in the world trying to make sense of their comfortable lives. Nonetheless, these are my musings…


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