29 Sep

I’ve just finished watching season one of “Suits”, which is essentially a legal version of the medical hit House. While it lacks the depth and polish of an HBO series, it is still a fantastic show with some great characters. The protagonist is a young man named Mike Ross who has plenty of self-confidence and a photographic memory. Although he has been involved in some shady dealings he is presented as good-guy at heart. He is given a shot at the big time by Harvey Specter (pictured) who is the top lawyer at a prestigious Manhattan firm. The story is about Mike’s struggle to fit in with the Harvard crowd and make an impact as a Lawyer while still adhering to his strong moral code.

The most interesting character for me though was Harvey Specter, in some ways modeled on the successful Don Draper character from Mad Men (which I still need to really get in to). He is in many ways a true gentleman. Although at times he may seem callous and harsh, he is very fair and always comes through for those around him. He is loyal, confident and capable. Harvey wears some fantastic suits, is passionate about cars and has an appreciation for the finer things in life. Not to mention a fantastic gift with women!

Some nice light watching with some great, witty writing and an awesome, fresh gentleman character.








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