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Sideshow Alley

8 Oct

So I’m hesitant to post twice in one day, lest I run out of steam, but I’ve been watching these all morning and had to share. I refer to a growing collection of videos of musical performances filmed in the laneways of Melbourne. They are beautifully shot, well selected and showcase lanes in the City, Richmond, Brunswick and Fitzroy. Live music, interesting people and awesome locations – everything I love about Melbourne town – burn city! Here are a few of my favourites, make sure you watch in HD:


Hey moneyman

8 Oct

A fantastic poem by Lupe Fiasco for the Occupy Wall Street protesters:

Hey Moneyman the crowd is outside. The past, the future and the now is outside. The teachers and cooks and the drop-outs too. Word on the street is they looking for you…

Hey Moneyman they saying whats the score? And how much blood have you spilled on the butcher shop floor? Those numbers keep running but what they running into? The crowd is outside and they asking of you…

Hey Moneyman Moneyman the mayors’ on the phone. He says he wants to know if all those people went home. Those momma’s and poppa’s and students and cooks. Those teachers and preachers, one second I’ll look…

Hey Moneyman Moneyman the tents are still up, the songs are still singing and the coffee’s in cups. The nights due to fall and the sun’s going down but its still a whole mess of good folks hanging round…

They eyes are wide and their voices are loud. Its white and black and colorless proud. The signs are big and the smiles are bright. By heaven I reckon its gone be one hell of a night!

Hey Moneyman poor Moneyman you should slip out the back. Cuz the forces of greed are under attack. No bombs or bullets or rocks or guns. Just hashtag’s and voices at the tops of their lungs!

And Moneyman Moneyman I wont need a ride. But if you need me…

You can find me outside.

By Wasalu “Lupe Fiasco” Jaco


Lana Del Rey – “Video Games”

4 Oct

After a song to impress your better half with? To set the mood for a date? Just to relax to?

I have been listening a lot to the track “Video Games” by the very beautiful Lana Del Ray. She has an amazing voice, it is very well produced and will definitely get stuck in your head.

“”I heard that you like the bad girls honey… is that true? It’s better than I ever even knew, they say that the world was built for two.”