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A bit of inspiration from Cuba

3 Apr

Something beautiful to keep you going…


Religion and Reflection

25 Mar

I’ve always struggled to express my thoughts on religion. Given the role it has and does play in our world though, it is a topic worthy of some discussion. There have been plenty of amazing, selfless things done in the name of religion but also much heartache, destruction and oppression carried out in the same name.

I was raised an Anglican, in a predominately Christian society. While certainly not the central foundation of my upbringing, it has played some significant part. However, I’ve always struggled to reconcile what I see as the fundamental themes of Christianity – love, forgiveness and tolerance – with the intolerant and oppressive contentions of mainstream Christian groups and figures. It’s certainly not unique to Christianity, though these are the example with which I’m most familiar. Male only clergy, opposition to contraception and gay marriage are all issues that have recently been highlighted in an increasingly agnostic mainstream media.

I find it hard to fathom that any higher power would prescribe rules about what women should wear, who should be allowed to marry or which sex is fit to hold positions of power in the church. These all fly in the face of the tolerance and love supposedly preached by these religions. These ideas are human ideas, written down 2000 years ago and reflect the rules of society then. Thankfully, humans have evolved and the world is a lot more tolerant than it used to be, and inevitably, like slavery, these ideas will be consigned to history.

So organised religion is not for me. But what of spirituality? Of themes like love and forgiveness? I believe in the power of reflection and mediation. Call it karma, God or conscience – perhaps the same thing. Taking the time to reflect – to actively forgive, to learn from your mistakes and to attempt to improve are all things common to religion. Maybe they were onto something – it wouldn’t be the first time good intentions have ended not so well. I wonder why in times of trouble, most people turn to prayer. Why so many people need to believe in a higher power. I certainly don’t have the answers but in the meantime will continue to believe and attempt to understand…what more could any higher power ask?

Notable lists of note

12 Mar

If I ever want to get something done – whether work, study or chores – I need to create a list. I lay out the steps in what could almost be described as compulsive precision and find satisfaction in crossing each one off. It turns out that I’m not the only one who does this. For some more interesting lists than mine check out Lists of Note.

A couple of interesting ones include Johnny Cash’s to-do list and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s things to worry about list.

Cabin Porn

1 Mar

For me, and I’m sure many others, the idea of having a cabin in the woods is simply bliss. A place of solitude would be the perfect place to get away and read, write, compose and create. I used to spend a lot of time in the outdoors throughout school and university. Frequently while packed like a sardine into an overheated train carriage or staring out a small window at the concrete jungle that is my workplace, I find myself longing to escape and ‘head bush’. Raw, rustic and real, that’s what I crave. Cool stream water, not bottled spring water. Callouses from roughshod wooden tools rather than ergonomic fucking keyboards.

Anyway, This site keeps the dream alive. A collection of fantastic photos that will stir your loins and perhaps unleash the lost man (or woman) inside you. Also completely safe for work. Get around it friends…

Warning: This will cause you to plan an adventure

26 Feb

One of the coolest videos I’ve ever seen – absolutely stunning images creatively put together, an absolute inspiration:

Via NerdFitness.

Some inspiration from a bloke a bit further down the road than me…

6 Feb

I’m by no means the first person to have written a bucket list with the aim of changing my life. One that I’ve been reading a bit lately is Heath Tulley’s blog; Project 183. It’s essentially a list of 183 things that he wants to achieve before he turns 30, and his progress so far. It’s a great read and I’m only partway through the archives but really enjoying it! One of his interesting goals was to start his own business. For all idealistic bucket-listers who dream of living a ‘full-time life’, this is one of the main sticking points. He writes about how he started his business, which imports Dunlop Volleys to the UK! Great idea!

It’s fantastic to see someone from Melbourne doing something similar to what I want to do, and great motivation for me!

Hey moneyman

8 Oct

A fantastic poem by Lupe Fiasco for the Occupy Wall Street protesters:

Hey Moneyman the crowd is outside. The past, the future and the now is outside. The teachers and cooks and the drop-outs too. Word on the street is they looking for you…

Hey Moneyman they saying whats the score? And how much blood have you spilled on the butcher shop floor? Those numbers keep running but what they running into? The crowd is outside and they asking of you…

Hey Moneyman Moneyman the mayors’ on the phone. He says he wants to know if all those people went home. Those momma’s and poppa’s and students and cooks. Those teachers and preachers, one second I’ll look…

Hey Moneyman Moneyman the tents are still up, the songs are still singing and the coffee’s in cups. The nights due to fall and the sun’s going down but its still a whole mess of good folks hanging round…

They eyes are wide and their voices are loud. Its white and black and colorless proud. The signs are big and the smiles are bright. By heaven I reckon its gone be one hell of a night!

Hey Moneyman poor Moneyman you should slip out the back. Cuz the forces of greed are under attack. No bombs or bullets or rocks or guns. Just hashtag’s and voices at the tops of their lungs!

And Moneyman Moneyman I wont need a ride. But if you need me…

You can find me outside.

By Wasalu “Lupe Fiasco” Jaco