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Lay it down for summer

2 Feb

Summer is by far my favourite season. Long days, balmy nights, cocktails, the beach, cricket… I could wax lyrical forever about my love of warm weather. One of the greatest things about summer is sitting out on the deck as it cools down at night, having some ice cold beers with a couple of friends and listening to first class tunes. This one is perfect for such an occasion – an undiscovered Australian band with some laid back bluesy-rock. Sit back, crack a cold one and enjoy the shit out of it…



29 Jan

This song polled incredibly well in Triple J’s Hottest 100 this year. Here is a fantastic live version – it’s raw, passionate and full of emotion. Fantastic music to re-start my blog!

Sideshow Alley

8 Oct

So I’m hesitant to post twice in one day, lest I run out of steam, but I’ve been watching these all morning and had to share. I refer to a growing collection of videos of musical performances filmed in the laneways of Melbourne. They are beautifully shot, well selected and showcase lanes in the City, Richmond, Brunswick and Fitzroy. Live music, interesting people and awesome locations – everything I love about Melbourne town – burn city! Here are a few of my favourites, make sure you watch in HD:

Lana Del Rey – “Video Games”

4 Oct

After a song to impress your better half with? To set the mood for a date? Just to relax to?

I have been listening a lot to the track “Video Games” by the very beautiful Lana Del Ray. She has an amazing voice, it is very well produced and will definitely get stuck in your head.

“”I heard that you like the bad girls honey… is that true? It’s better than I ever even knew, they say that the world was built for two.”


Ed Sheeran

26 Sep

Ed Sheeran is a red-headed British singer-songwriter who has hit it big this year with his single “The A Team”, which is about a young girl and her battle for survival on city streets. He has a fantastic voice, poignant lyrics and can play guitar – not bad for a 21 year old! For those who haven’t heard him, here are three of my favourite tracks.

The first is a tragic and emotional track about the loss of an unborn child – this as raw as it gets as he strums along while floating down a river – good luck getting through with dry eyes:

The second shows his vocal range with some clever looping:

And finally, enjoy a slightly more upbeat track with a fantastic film clip featuring some fresh sign language:

Now go buy his album!