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21 Feb

So I mentioned a while ago that I would post my list as I move toward my “life change” date of August 31st. I wrote this list while I was living on a remote island in Fiji having a break from work. I’m sure as I start working on things I will add more and explain items in greater detail, but at least it is a start! So without further ado…

The List

  1. Learn a Martial Art (not sure at the moment, but leaning towards Krav Maga)
  2. Have an article printed in GQ Australia
  3. Take an advanced driving course
  4. Complete a lap of Bathurst
  5. Complete a lap of Nuremberg
  6. Learn to ride a horse
  7. Ride a horse along a beach
  8. Ride a horse through the high country
  9. Learn to speak Spanish
  10. Learn to shoot a pistol
  11. Learn to shoot a rifle
  12. Complete a ‘Computer Hacking 101’ course
  13. Perform a song on guitar
  14. Be an Extra in an Australian movie
  15. Become a Kiva fellow
  16. Attend an Ivy league University for some course
  17. Join the Army Reserves
  18. Learn to ride a motorbike
  19. Learn the art of photography
  20. Go on a trip with my parents
  21. Go on a hike with my Dad