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The world’s most prepared vehicle

31 Jan

I’ve added a new “Capability” category – Survival. I’ve been reading a little bit about survivalism lately and have been quite intrigued. Topics range from just being prepared for natural disasters, power shortages or freak weather conditions right through to bunkering down for nuclear armageddon. Without getting carried away, I think a gentleman should be¬†adequately¬†prepared for lots of situations – particularly when driving in your car. You may be taking your special girl for a getaway at the beach or a romantic country retreat, and when it is just the two of you, it pays to be prepared.

Check out this fantastic, comprehensive list of items that you should store in your car. While you may not personally think you need all of them, the list is fairly exhaustive and you should get some great ideas. Currently all I have in my car is a street directory and an umbrella, so I will definitely be adding some things after reading this!